New Trailer and Tie-In Edition

TNT tie-in editionA new TV tie-in paperback edition of The Alienist was released last week by Random House in anticipation of TNT’s upcoming adaptation due to premiere on January 22nd. The new cover features the three stars of the show — Daniel Bruhl as Dr Kreizler, Dakota Fanning as Sara Howard, and Luke Evans as John Moore — along with some of the key artefacts featured in the case. A copy of the cover can be seen to the right.

In addition, a third trailer for the adaptation of The Alienist was released last week as well. As with the previous trailers, it’s clear that this will be a dark and atmospheric adaptation. I would be curious to know what long time readers of the Alienist books feel about the trailers that have been released so far. How do you feel about the changes that are evident from the trailers that have been released so far? Are you looking forward to the adaptation?

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Long Overdue Update

The Alienist PromoMy sincere apologies for such a long break since 17th Street was last updated. 2017 has been a massive year for me involving a relocation across the country and starting a new job which has resulted in big changes that have eaten into my leisure time considerably. This is therefore a long overdue update to catch up on the news of the past six months. If there is any major news that I have missed, please feel free to share it with me via the contact form or in the comments below, and I will include it in a later update.

First, as those who have been following TNT’s adaptation of The Alienist would know, filming has now wrapped up and the second trailer for the series was released last month. It can be viewed below. The premiere date for US audiences has been announced as 22 January 2018, so there’s not long to go now.

In addition to the adaptation of The Alienist, there was also an exciting announcement in September that Fox will be developing a one-hour drama series based on Caleb Carr’s most recent novel, Surrender, New York (2016). According to Variety, Richard Wenk (The Magnificent Seven, The Equalizer, The Expendables 2) will be writing and executive producing, with Gail Berman, Joe Earley, and Richard Arlook also on board as executive producers. Curiously, the plot synopsis provided with the announcement indicated that protagonist Dr. Trajan Jones “joins forces with the local state trooper Penelope Howell”, a character who is not in the original novel. Given this description, it will be interesting to see what direction Fox takes the adaptation.

Finally, the Center for Fiction, a literary organisation that connects readers and writers in New York City, has announced that Caleb Carr will be offering a Master Class in December as part of their Crime Fiction Academy. Mr. Carr will be giving “a presentation on his life and work” and will be discussing crime fiction writing. If you are interested in attending the Master Class, you can view the details of the event and RSVP at the Center’s website. The Master Class will be taking place on Thursday, December 7th at 7:00pm.

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