Third And Fourth Alienist Novel Announced!

The Alienist 2006 EditionIn an exclusive with Entertainment Weekly, it was revealed this morning that Caleb Carr will be returning to the Alienist series. Mulholland Books have announced that they will be publishing two new Alienist novels that will act as ‘bookends’ for the two current novels in the series, The Alienist and The Angel of Darkness.

The first of the two new novels will be set 18 years after The Angel of Darkness, in New York City of 1915. Josh Kendall, VP, Executive Editor, and Editorial Director of Mulholland Books explained that this book, “set against a stage of rising nationalist violence and the early spy state,” is “centered on nativist violence and terrorism during America’s involvement in World War I.”

The second of the novels will take us back in time again, presumably to the late 1870s or early 1880s (assuming the events in the summary from the publisher’s press release matches the timeline already established in the series so far). In this novel, titled The Strange Case of Miss Sara X, “a youthful Kreizler, after finishing his psychology training at Harvard, falls under the spell of William James, has his first run-in with Roosevelt, and delves into the secret life of Sara Howard, heroine of the first books.”

For those of us who have wondered if there would ever be a third novel, official confirmation of two new Alienist novels is something to be excited about! However, the wait need not be arduous; we are also lucky enough to have Caleb Carr’s upcoming contemporary thriller Surrender, New York to look forward to! If you haven’t already done so, I recommend reading more about the novel and pre-order before its release on August 23.


Third Book News!

I hope you all enjoyed the live discussion yesterday at the Big City Book Club with Caleb Carr as a special guest. Most excitingly for regular visitors to 17th Street and long-time readers of the Alienist books, Mr. Carr has confirmed that a third book is indeed planned! In addition, another crime novel with “historical overtones” is also in the pipeline. The full question with Mr. Carr’s response is below.

Question: Do you have any plans to write a third book?

Caleb Carr: Well, not exactly the time to ask this: I have just finished a massive new work, “The Legend of Broken,” which is very different, and yet, at its core, not so different at all. An experiment in the theory that most of the questions we’ve been discussing are philosophically eternal, like nobility, greed, and stupidity; and I hope everyone will give it a chance, even if it is not set in New York.

And so I can’t set RIGHT off to do another long Alienist book. I have another crime novel in mind, with many historical overtones, and if all goes well, I will tackle the last in the Alienist trilogy thereafter.

And yes, it will unravel the mystery of Sara Howard…

You can read the rest of the questions submitted to Mr. Carr and his answers at the Big City Book Club or on the message board. There was some really interesting discussion about the characters, the social issues at the heart of The Alienist, the question of whether the book will ever make it to the screen (or the stage?), and the history of New York City itself. Enjoy!

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Big Update!

There are several pieces of site news and Caleb Carr news to make mention of in this update so I encourage you to read this entire post, particularly the second last paragraph (hint, hint).

The most obvious thing to make mention of is that for the first time since the site opened in 2005, 17th Street has a new layout! As you might have gathered, I love historic maps and the one featured in this layout is a panorama of Manhattan from early in the 20th century. Although the overall look is a rather big departure from the previous layout, I hope that you all still approve of it and find it easy to navigate.

In addition to the new layout, I am pleased to announce a new section of the site containing information about Caleb Carr which can be accessed via the Author link in the navigation menu. It contains a summary of Mr. Carr’s education and career, links to interviews he has given over the years, and a list of his book and film works. The only thing missing from that section of the site is a publicity photo. If you know of any relatively recent photos of Mr. Carr that I would be free to use, I would appreciate it if you would contact me. Please note that any photos you suggest will need to be of a similar size and quality to those found elsewhere on this site, and I would like to be able to get permission from the photographer.

Now, onto the news that I’m sure you’re all more interested in.

In completing this update, I made the discovery that Mr. Carr is working as a librettist on composer Ezequiel Viñao’s new opera, Merlin. Although this doesn’t really count as “news” given that the opera has been in progress since the 1990s, I hadn’t heard about it until I stumbled upon the opera’s website recently, so I assume that there are others of you in the same position as myself. Plus, I happen to love opera so this is almost as exciting as a new Alienist book, from my perspective!

For those of you more interested in Mr. Carr’s books, however, the opera’s website also contains another piece of exciting information: it is written that Mr. Carr is currently “continuing work on several creative projects, including a new Alienist volume and the Ezequiel Viñao opera, Merlin.” This, of course, means that we finally have confirmation from a source other than The Age (at last!) that the elusive third Alienist novel is in progress. Love opera or not, I think it’s safe to say that this is good news all round!

Well, I hope you’re all pleased with this month’s site update. As always, if you have any feedback, you’re welcome to leave a comment on this post, post at the message board, or contact me directly.

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Third Book

I have been getting a lot of emails lately asking me whether a third Alienist book is going to be published. Unfortunately, I have no ‘inside information’ on when a third Alienist book may be getting published. This is an unofficial website and I am not in contact with Caleb Carr. I keep my eye on news alerts, the Random House Publishing website, and in order to keep 17th Street updated but there hasn’t been anything new to report for over two years now.

As I wrote on the Untitled Book page, the last piece of official news – from late 2005 – regarding a third book was simply that one is being written. It is unclear when, or if, this book may be getting published. I’m just as excited about the possibility of a third book as everyone else so you can be sure that as soon as there is ANY news on this subject, it will be posted here at 17th Street.

EDIT: Since writing the above, I found the following information written in 2007 from an unlikely source, Big Cat Rescue: “[Caleb Carr] let the cat out of the bag by telling us that there will be a cameo appearance by a feline in one of his upcoming books.” It isn’t clear whether the mentioned book is an Alienist book, but at least the news is positive that he is definitely working on another novel! (And, of course, it’s also great to see that Mr. Carr is active in supporting such a great rescue organisation.)

Regarding site content, I am currently completing a PhD in psychology (I like to think that Dr. Kreizler would be proud) so I find that I lack the free time to work on comprehensive updates at the moment. I have made some changes to the character pages as promised and I currently am re-writing parts of the Alienist and AoD timelines. The revised timelines should be ready soon.

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