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About 17th Street

17th Street was first opened on the 31st of December, 2005 with the intention of providing interested readers with everything they could ever want to know about Caleb Carr’s Alienist books in one place.

I was introduced to the Alienist books by a friend several years after they were first published. As I have always had a love of history, an interest in true crime, and was studying psychology at the time, it is hardly surprising that I enjoyed them immensely. However, I also enjoy learning more about the “world” of my favourite books and upon discovering that there didn’t appear to be a resource containing this sort of information about the novels already, the idea of putting one together became tantalising. However, it was not until several years later that I had enough time on my hands to begin work on the never-ending website-in-progress that would become 17th Street.

For the first several years, my focus for 17th Street was simply getting the essential information about the series–such as character lists, character analyses, and book timelines–written in as comprehensive and accurate a manner as possible. In mid-2013, seven an a half years after the site was first opened, that goal was finally achieved and the next phase for the site began with a change of emphasis from static content to the blog. Although general website updates and Caleb Carr news still appear on the blog as appropriate, the blog now features posts offering discussion on the real history behind various aspects of the books, as well as discussion about Caleb Carr’s other works.

If you wish to contact me about anything, you’re welcome to do so through the contact form or the site’s twitter account (@17thstreetnet). When emailing, please bear in mind that I may not be able to respond immediately but I am always happy to receive any questions you may have and would encourage you to submit feedback about the site.

Thanks for visiting!

– Kim
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