Caleb Carr Master Class at NYC’s Center for Fiction

Caleb CarrThe Center for Fiction, a literary organization that connects readers and writers in New York City, has announced that Caleb Carr will be offering a Master Class in November as part of their Crime Fiction Academy. The Crime Fiction Academy was established in 2012, and offers students the chance to attend workshops and Master Classes with successful crime writers. If you are interested in attending Caleb Carr’s Master Class, you can view the details of the event and RSVP at the Center’s website. The Master Class will be taking place on Thursday, November 3rd at 7:00pm.

And don’t forget that Caleb Carr’s upcoming thriller Surrender, New York will be released in less than three weeks, on August 23rd! For anyone who hasn’t pre-ordered it yet, you can now “look inside” the book and read the first few pages on the Penguin Random House website and Amazon.

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Publisher’s Weekly Top 10 Mysteries & Thrillers of Fall 2016

As the release of Caleb Carr’s newest offering Surrender, New York draws nearer, Publisher’s Weekly has listed the novel in their diverse Top 10 list of mysteries and thrillers of Fall 2016. On the list, they describe Surrender, New York as Caleb Carr’s “first major work of suspense in more than 15 years. The star is a criminal psychologist living in present-day upstate New York.” It is, of course, a lot more than that as well — you can read the full synopsis in the Other Books section of 17th Street.

Publisher's Weekly Top 10 Mysteries & Thrillers

Surrender, New York is published by Random House and will be released on August 23, 2016.

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Advance Praise for Surrender, New York

Surrender, New YorkWith the release of Surrender, New York drawing closer, the first trade reviews for Caleb Carr’s new thriller that have emerged this past week should excite his readership. Booklist, the American Library Association’s book review magazine, praised the novel in their starred review (a star is assigned to works Booklist editors believe are exceptional in their genre or format), describing it as a “compulsive read”. A copy from the full review, which can be found on the Booklist website, is included below:

Twenty years after the success of The Alienist (1994) and The Angel of Darkness (1997), Carr once again delivers a high-stakes thriller featuring a new band of clever, determined outcasts. When the bodies of “throwaway teenagers”—or abandoned children—accumulate in upstate New York, police suspect it’s the work of a serial killer. Using Dr. Laszlo Kreizler’s investigative methods, however, criminal psychologists Trajan Jones and Mike Li (with the help of a varied cast, which includes two preteens and a cheetah) soon determine that the staged suicides are too complex for one person. In the same way turn-of-the-century politics permeated Carr’s historical mysteries, today’s controversies inform the conflict in Surrender, New York (or provide “context,” as his protagonists would say). A justice system distorted by post-9/11 paranoia, trigger-happy cops, and self-appointed forensic experts constantly impedes the gang’s efforts, making their frustration palpable. However, the characters’ budding relationships soften the biting commentary, and their genuine desire to find the truth results in a compulsive read as secrets surface layer by layer. With gut-punching twists and the potential for a sequel, this intelligent, timely thriller will be savored by Carr’s fans and new readers alike.

Kirkus Reviews, whose full review of Surrender, New York can be found here, were similarly generous in their praise, describing the novel as:

[a] whodunit that weds leisurely nineteenth-century storytelling with twenty-first-century unpleasantness … Carr’s story poses an utterly modern question: for a career-minded politico, which is worse, a child-neglect scandal or a serial killer on the loose? We get to see both at work, including some nicely nasty mayhem … Carr’s many fans will find this well worth the wait.

Surrender, New York will be released by Random House on August 23. If you are yet to pre-order, you can do so at Amazon or via one of the other retailers listed on the Penguin Random House website.

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Third And Fourth Alienist Novel Announced!

The Alienist 2006 EditionIn an exclusive with Entertainment Weekly, it was revealed this morning that Caleb Carr will be returning to the Alienist series. Mulholland Books have announced that they will be publishing two new Alienist novels that will act as ‘bookends’ for the two current novels in the series, The Alienist and The Angel of Darkness.

The first of the two new novels will be set 18 years after The Angel of Darkness, in New York City of 1915. Josh Kendall, VP, Executive Editor, and Editorial Director of Mulholland Books explained that this book, “set against a stage of rising nationalist violence and the early spy state,” is “centered on nativist violence and terrorism during America’s involvement in World War I.”

The second of the novels will take us back in time again, presumably to the late 1870s or early 1880s (assuming the events in the summary from the publisher’s press release matches the timeline already established in the series so far). In this novel, titled The Strange Case of Miss Sara X, “a youthful Kreizler, after finishing his psychology training at Harvard, falls under the spell of William James, has his first run-in with Roosevelt, and delves into the secret life of Sara Howard, heroine of the first books.”

For those of us who have wondered if there would ever be a third novel, official confirmation of two new Alienist novels is something to be excited about! However, the wait need not be arduous; we are also lucky enough to have Caleb Carr’s upcoming contemporary thriller Surrender, New York to look forward to! If you haven’t already done so, I recommend reading more about the novel and pre-order before its release on August 23.


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