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Stevie Taggert

Stevie Taggert Basic Information


Name: Stevie “Steviepipe” Taggert
Birth Date: 1884
Birth Place: New York, NY
Personality: Clever, street smart, faithful, loyal, vigilant, brave, humorous
Appearance: Small and athletic with long straight, brown hair and blue eyes.

Parents & Siblings

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Alcoholic and drug addict (opium). After Stevie refused to keep thieving to support his mother’s addictions, she moved in with an opium dealer.
Siblings: Unknown.

Criminal History

As a youth, Stevie was jailed at Randalls Island for thieving in a gang. While he was at Randalls Island, one of the guards tried to rape him. Stevie fought back with a piece of lead pipe and badly injured the guard. When he returned to court after the incident, Dr. Kreizler assessed him and he was released into the Doctor’s care.

Working Life

Education: Home-schooled by Dr. Kreizler from age 10.
Occupation: During the events of the books, Stevie helps out around the Kreizler house as a driver. Upon reaching adulthood, he becomes a tobacconist and founds S. Taggert, Tobacconist, Fine Foreign and Domestic Blends located across the street from the Fifth Avenue Hotel in the Flatiron Building.

Private Life

Status: Bachelor.
Home: During the books, Stevie lives at Dr. Kreizler’s home at 283 East Seventeenth Street. As an adult, he moves into the back room of his store.
Transportation: While living with Dr. Kreizler, Stevie drives the Doctor’s calash or barouche carriages. Not known to have any of his own private transportation as an adult.
Past/Present Servants: None.
Friends/Associates: Laszlo Kreizler, Cyrus Montrose, John Moore, Sara Howard, Marcus and Lucius Isaacson, Nosy, Crazy Butch, Monk Eastman, Albert Pinkham Ryder, Hickie the Hun, El Nino.
Past/Present Love Interests: Kat Devlin (as a teenager).

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