Third And Fourth Alienist Novel Announced!

The Alienist 2006 EditionIn an exclusive with Entertainment Weekly, it was revealed this morning that Caleb Carr will be returning to the Alienist series. Mulholland Books have announced that they will be publishing two new Alienist novels that will act as ‘bookends’ for the two current novels in the series, The Alienist and The Angel of Darkness.

The first of the two new novels will be set 18 years after The Angel of Darkness, in New York City of 1915. Josh Kendall, VP, Executive Editor, and Editorial Director of Mulholland Books explained that this book, “set against a stage of rising nationalist violence and the early spy state,” is “centered on nativist violence and terrorism during America’s involvement in World War I.”

The second of the novels will take us back in time again, presumably to the late 1870s or early 1880s (assuming the events in the summary from the publisher’s press release matches the timeline already established in the series so far). In this novel, titled The Strange Case of Miss Sara X, “a youthful Kreizler, after finishing his psychology training at Harvard, falls under the spell of William James, has his first run-in with Roosevelt, and delves into the secret life of Sara Howard, heroine of the first books.”

For those of us who have wondered if there would ever be a third novel, official confirmation of two new Alienist novels is something to be excited about! However, the wait need not be arduous; we are also lucky enough to have Caleb Carr’s upcoming contemporary thriller Surrender, New York to look forward to! If you haven’t already done so, I recommend reading more about the novel and pre-order before its release on August 23.

6 comments on “Third And Fourth Alienist Novel Announced!

  1. Hi, great news ! I am thrilled to read a story about young Kreizler, but it’s a bit weird because i thought he only met Sara Howard in the first book set in 1896.

    • It came as a surprise to me, too; but I suppose we only saw their meeting in The Alienist through the eyes of John, and we know he isn’t the most insightful when it comes to relationships. In any case, it will certainly be interesting to see how it comes together in the novel.

  2. Yeah maybe you right. I remember how John was so wrong about the feelings of Kreizler towards Sara, and the big surprise for him when he discovered it was in fact for Mary. And Sara knew all along and was amused by it, poor John ha ha.

  3. I am curious who the narrators will be for the new books.

    Since, the Alienist was told from Moore’s point of view, and the Angel of Darkness was related through the eyes of Stevie; it seems likely that the two new novels would be related by other members of the group.

    For the novel set in 1915 with its themes of nativist violence it would seem logical to have the story told by Cyrus or the Isaacsons For the novel set in the 1880’s logically the role of narrator would be limited to Sara Howard, Kreizler, or Roosevelt. I think Moore can be excluded as a possibility since he narrated The Alienist.

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