The Alienist TV Series: Shooting in Montreal this Summer

MontrealThe Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) Montreal has listed The Alienist TV series on their “What’s Shooting” pre-production list, indicating that Montreal will be getting transformed into 1896 New York City for the series. The listing also indicates that shooting will be taking place in summer this year. While this is clearly an interesting development, it is not altogether unexpected: Montreal has doubled as New York City in a number of films recently, including Brooklyn (2015) and The Walk (2015). You can see the Québec Film and Television Council photos offering Montreal as a shooting location to represent early 20th century New York City here.

Wherever and whenever they are shooting, let’s hope that the script is being reworked before it takes place. For any Alienist readers who did not see the post about the audition recordings surfacing, the excerpts revealed that significant changes were made in the scenes read during casting, both to the characters and the plot. To learn more, you can view the original post here.

2 comments on “The Alienist TV Series: Shooting in Montreal this Summer

  1. It’s good to know that The Alienist is actually being filmed as series.

    I e-mailed TNT and they have never showed me the courtesy of replying. Not a very good way to cultivate fan interest.

    I am also delighted to hear that Caleb Carr is doing new books in this awesomely well written and researched series.

    They should also do MP3 CD’s of both The Alienist and Angel of Darkness audio books which are long out of print from Simon and Schuster.

    • I’m sorry to hear that TNT didn’t reply to your email. I haven’t tried to contact them, but hopefully as the series gets closer to airing, they will engage with fans more.

      Regarding the audiobooks, have you tried downloading The Angel of Darkness through Audible? Unfortunately I can’t recommend The Alienist on audiobook as it’s an abridgement. Depending on the success of the TV series and Mr. Carr’s continuation of the series (I agree, very exciting!), perhaps they will record an unabridged version. One can hope!

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