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Caleb Carr on Treasures of New YorkWLIW21 premiered the Columbia University episode of Treasures of New York on Sunday night, exploring the 260-year history of the New York institution. Caleb Carr was included among the guests on the episode, and was interviewed about the role Columbia played in the formation of the Beat Generation in the 1950s. The Columbia Spectator has since reported on the making of the episode, with production assistant Sarah MacEachron revealing some behind the scenes details in which Mr. Carr is mentioned:

As part of the production process, MacEachron conducted an interview with Caleb Carr, the son of Lucien Carr, a former Columbia student and a Beat Generation writer who murdered David Kammerer in Riverside Park in 1944.

“I ended up getting in touch with him [Carr], and so we drove to upstate New York and met him in this very cool house where Ginsberg and Kerouac all used to hang out,” MacEachron said.

In the episode, we see Mr. Carr using a typewriter that presumably belonged to one of the Beats, and he discusses the Kammerer murder that took place while his father, Lucien Carr, was still a student at Columbia.

The episode can now be streamed online via the Treasures of New York website.

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Caleb Carr to appear on Treasures of New York

Columbia UniversityBroadway World recently reported that Caleb Carr will be one of the notable figures appearing on this month’s upcoming Columbia University episode of Treasures of New York, a documentary series that explores New York City’s most important cultural landmarks and institutions. Other notable figures featured on the Columbia University episode are reported to include: “Columbia President Lee Bollinger, actress Amanda Peet, architect Renzo Piano, Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel, Oscar-nominee and Columbia University professor Jamal Joseph, and the 5th Great Grandson of Alexander Hamilton, Doug Hamilton.”

An extended preview of the episode can currently be viewed on THIRTEEN’s website. Keep a close watch around the 37 second mark for what appears to be a glimpse of our author!

The Columbia University episode of Treasures of New York will premiere on Sunday, September 21 at 7pm EDT on WLIW21, and will re-air on Monday, September 22nd at 9pm EDT on THIRTEEN. Following the premiere, the full episode will be streamed online via THIRTEEN’s website.

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