An Update

My apologies for not updating 17th Street in such a long time. Between teaching at University, finishing my PhD, and trying to spend time with my cello every day, my life has been quite hectic over the past year. All the same, I am sorry to have left things here so quiet. Hopefully once I submit my PhD thesis (which should happen in the next 2 months or so) I can finally get the site updated properly again.

Regarding news about a new Caleb Carr book, although I have been keeping an eye on Google Alerts, Amazon, Random House, and various other websites, I have had no success in finding any new information. If you know of any news regarding a new book from a reputable source, please comment here and I will chase it up. I’m sure all the visitors to this site would love to hear whatever you can share!

Many thanks for your continued support and please keep checking back for any new updates.

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