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This is just a small update to reassure visitors that 17th Street is still active. Unfortunately, I have been incredibly busy over the past few months with my research which has prevented me from updating the site in any major way. Nevertheless, I have recently fixed up a small problem with the Alienist quiz. I have also updated the Caleb Carr interview page with a link to a News Hour interview that was conducted in 2002. The link to the 1997 Charlie Rose interview has also been updated. Many thanks to the visitors who suggested these changes. If you find any other problems with the site, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your patience!

6 comments on “Small Update

  1. So glad i chose “The Alienist” for our April Book Club – great read! I will give our group (22 in all) the quiz to start the evening off. Any chance you will be in Franklin, Massachusetts on April 9th at 7:00pm for a guest appearance?

  2. Thank you so much for creating this website. The Alienist is still the one book that kept me glued to the page and loving the entire artistry and literal sense during that time period, as well as thriving the mystery/thriller genre. It’s good to know this website exists to see updates, news, and enjoy the features on Caleb Carr and his books.

  3. Any news whether Caleb Carr will bring back any of these characters for a future novel or whether he intends to publich any more fiction? He is an excellent writer & I am keeping my fingers crossed even though it has been so long since he last published anything. His take on Sherlock Holmes in 2005, while an interesting read, did not fully show his abilities.

    If you have any contact with the author, please tell him to consider another novel.

    Thanks for the site

  4. First, this website is great. The information—especially the “Timeline & Series of Events”—provided really helps one read both magnificent novels. Thanks for taking the time to put this website together.

    Secondly, along with millions of others, I wish Monsieur Carr would revive his characters in the Alienist and the Angel of Darkness and write another book using New York (especially the city) as the setting. Both works are incredible, and a third would certainly be welcomed and, it would sell.

    Again, thanks for this website. It’s great.

  5. I am glad that you have a website about this. Carr’s writing has never failed to interest me. He presents the past in a way that is very much like the present, and in that sense I also have reasons to speculate. ‘The Alienist’ brings to mind Holmes and The Ripper cases, but simultaneously reminds me of Law and Order: SVU. I guess I must sound critical, but would the story of murders in 1896 New York have been convincing to readers of that time–given that some of them just might be unflinching? The crime statistics from back then show that the homicide rate was equal to what it is for 2006. Chicago and Memphis were much worse. But, on the other hand, reality is only relative, and I definitely do not think that New York would be any less likely to be the setting for his book. Fiction is fiction.

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