Small Author Section Update

I only have a very small update of site content to report this month. A photograph of Mr. Carr has been added to the author section courtesy of Frank Arnold, and links to some additional interviews with Mr. Carr have been added as well. Further updates to the site content should be coming soon.

I would also like to remind visitors to wander over to the message board every now and then. Even during periods when the main site is quiet, there are often some interesting topics related to the Alienist books up for discussion there. For example, discussion topics that have recently been added include: your picks for movie casting, your picks for a narrator for the third book, Laszlo and Sara’s relationship, the role of Mary Palmer, the reliability of the book narrators, historical figures in the books, and the use of foreshadowing in the books. There are also discussion topics relating to Mr. Carr’s other works including The Devil Solider and Killing Time. Members are welcome to create their own discussion topics as well; after all, the more people who actively participate at the message board, the better it is for everyone.

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