New Message Board!

I am very happy to announce that the new 17th Street message board is open! If you would like to discuss the Alienist books or any of Caleb Carr’s other works, please join. After you’ve joined, make sure you read the welcome message and the board guidelines. I will try to post up some new topics for discussion soon but as I may not have time to do this for a few more days, I would encourage you to start your own discussion topics.

Anyway, I hope you all like the new message board. Have fun and get posting!

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More Section Updates

I am pleased to announce another large update to the site. First of all, the “era” and “more” sections of the site have been renamed – they are now known as the “more” and “site” sections, respectively. Second, the costume page is now a sub-section of its own containing 4 pages including a basic costume overview, a male costume page, a female costume page, and a child costume page. You will notice that these pages are also fully referenced. In an effort to enable visitors to futher research anything from the site that interests them, references have now been added to the animals, places, and transport pages as well. I plan to add references to all pages of the site containing essays but time constraints prevent me from doing this immediately. In the way of updated pages, should also mention that the Caleb Carr page has been cleaned up a little. If you notice errors on any of the above pages, please let me know.

Finally, I am happy to inform everybody that the message board will be re-opening very soon! I have found a suitable script and am currently customising the board so that it will be ready for use. I expect to have it open in the next few days so please check back soon. :)

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