Third Book

I have been getting a lot of emails lately asking me whether a third Alienist book is going to be published. Unfortunately, I have no ‘inside information’ on when a third Alienist book may be getting published. This is an unofficial website and I am not in contact with Caleb Carr. I keep my eye on news alerts, the Random House Publishing website, and in order to keep 17th Street updated but there hasn’t been anything new to report for over two years now.

As I wrote on the Untitled Book page, the last piece of official news – from late 2005 – regarding a third book was simply that one is being written. It is unclear when, or if, this book may be getting published. I’m just as excited about the possibility of a third book as everyone else so you can be sure that as soon as there is ANY news on this subject, it will be posted here at 17th Street.

EDIT: Since writing the above, I found the following information written in 2007 from an unlikely source, Big Cat Rescue: “[Caleb Carr] let the cat out of the bag by telling us that there will be a cameo appearance by a feline in one of his upcoming books.” It isn’t clear whether the mentioned book is an Alienist book, but at least the news is positive that he is definitely working on another novel! (And, of course, it’s also great to see that Mr. Carr is active in supporting such a great rescue organisation.)

Regarding site content, I am currently completing a PhD in psychology (I like to think that Dr. Kreizler would be proud) so I find that I lack the free time to work on comprehensive updates at the moment. I have made some changes to the character pages as promised and I currently am re-writing parts of the Alienist and AoD timelines. The revised timelines should be ready soon.

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